Set Your Kids Up for Financial Success | Phil Town

A good understanding of personal finance is one of the most valuable life skills any person can have. So it's never too early to involve your kids with money. Here are 5 smart money habits you can teach your kids.

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How To Grow Your Business Through Delegation

ChocoVivo owner Patricia Tsai talks about the 10 years of hard work behind learning her craft and creating a product customers can enjoy, as well as the importance of entrusting others with helping run her business. Run your whole business better with QuickBooks.

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Ever wondered what the balance sheet is telling you? Understand it now in the link below

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Short and well said.

Quickpros Accounting is a corporate accounting firm. There are a several types of accounting professionals and services. Some of the essential services include:


  • Bookkeepers record the financial transactions of a company, allocate the transactions in their correct categories, and reconcile those transactions with the bank/credit card statements to ensure the accuracy of the company's financial accounts

Payroll Professionals

  • Payroll Professionals help companies pay employees, file payroll tax forms and assist in paying payroll taxes in a timely manner. They also handle the payments of payroll tax penalties to government tax agencies.

CFO(Cheif Financial Officer)

  • A Chief Financial Officer is responsible for overseeing the financial operations of the company. A CFO analyzes financial information and recommends financial decisions the company should make to maintain financial stability.

Corporate Accountants

  • Corporate Accountants provide the services listed above plus financial statement preparation according to the company's needs. Corporate Accountants provide insight to a company's financial operations to help the company manage cashflow, financial account accuracy, payroll operations, and financial decision making. Corporate accountants play a key role in the daily/weekly/monthly operations of a company. Quickpros Accounting is a corporate accounting firm.

Tax Accountants

  • Tax Accountants advise company's financial decisions for income tax purposes. Tax Accountants prepare and file annual company and personal tax returns. Tax accountants play a key role in major financial decisions of a company.

note: Accounting firms can specialize from one to all of these accounting services.

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